Tzatziki Recipe

Tzatziki recipe

Tzatziki Recipe

This Tzatziki recipe is a Greek sauce that can be served with grilled meat or used as a dip. You will often find Tzatziki accompanying gyros, lamb and falafel.


2 cups Greek yogurt (do not use non-fat)
1 garlic clove, mashed
5 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint
1 large cucumber (peeled, halved and seeded)
1 lemon


1. Let the yogurt sit and discard any extra liquid.
2. Grate the cucumber using a a cheese grater into another bowl.
3. Sprinkle cucumber with 2 teaspoons salt, and rub into cucumber.
4. Set aside for 20-minutes, then squeeze out liquid from cucumbers.
5. Add garlic clove to a mortar and pestle, and mash into a paste.
6. Add salt to garlic paste.
7. Whisk yogurt until smooth.
8. Whisk in garlic paste and stir in the mint and drained cucumber.
9. Juice lemon as you continue to whisk.
10. Refrigerate for at least 1-hour before serving.

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